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In early March was launched in Brasov the project " Develop sets of management measures at national level for the species Castor fiber, Lutra lutra and Mustela lutreola ".

The total project value is lei 2,822,021, provided from funding were European funds (European Regional Development Fund) and the Romanian Government through the Sectorial Programme "Environment". Project beneficiary is the Carpathian Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Biodiversity Division.

The project covers a period of three years and proposes for his overall objective to carry out activities at national level, for the protection and conservation of semi-aquatic mammals like Castor fiber (beaver), Lutra lutra (Otter), Mustela lutreola (mink), contained in Annex 2 of the Directive European Council 92/43EEC.


The project specific objectives are :

  • Develop sets of management measures at national level for the species Castor fiber, Lutra lutra and Mustela lutreola;
  • To implement technical solutions in order to reduce damage and therefore conflicts;
  • To inform interest groups and those involved in the management of training Castor fiber the species, Lutra lutra, Mustela lutreola.

     Through the proposed activities, the project aims at a better understanding of the current status of some species of Mustelidae (otter - Lutra lutra and European Mink - Mustela lutreola) and the Eurasian beaver (Castor fiber), as well as to the identification of management measures and to implement some solutions which promote at national level, the conservation of those species of community interest

     In this context for the species Castor fiber the actions will be carried out on rivers like Olt , Mures and Ialomita and their major affluents. It also intends to determine the distribution and numbers of existing beaver in the north part of the country, on the River Tisza and its affluents (examples originating from Hungary). For otter, the study is extended to the entire country, because this species is widespread in most rivers stocked with fish from Romania. Regarding Mink - Mustela lutreola, his certain area is the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve.

The team that will implement the activities consists of experts in conservation, biologists, sociologists, experts in awareness issues, IT and GIS (geographic information system).

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